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Located on the North sore,on the opposite side of Davenport  facing Rangitoto, this a great place for kiting, super flat water conditions makes it one of the best places on the sore for freestyle and free-riding. Be aware that the launching area is right next to the houses so be really careful and Most important!! ¨respect the other people on the beach¨ this is a residential area, is best to stay at least 50 meters away from the beach when kiting.

Rating: Begginer to advanced

Wind: North east, east and south east

Tide: Mid to low tide

Good for: Freestyle and freeride

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Shui Hau Wan
May 282013

Shui Hau Wan is the main kiting spot in Hong Kong. Great bay to kite at high tide with it being shallow for a long way out.

Rating: Beginner to Advanced

If you are a beginner, talk to the local guys to get an idea of the layout. Hoitin is kicking about most of the time and always good for a chat.

Wind direction: Easterly, South East, East Norht East

Tide: High tide give the most riding area, however low tide still works find but can get deep in some spots.

Good for: Freeride, freestyle, flat water.

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Located 1 hour and a half north of Auckland City, this is one of the best flat water riding spots in the north island.

2 hours after high tide the entire river mouth fills up with water offering a huge area with nice steady winds and flat water, making it a perfect place for beginner to advanced riders. On a low tide you need to be able to ride up wind as you will have to ride on an offshore wind against the sun dunes.

If you are into wave riding this place also offers some nice waves on the ocean side. Better to go on an outgoing tide.

Rating: Beginner to Advanced

If you are a beginner, make sure you go two hours after low tide.

Wind direction: North East to South East, best on straight east.

Tide: 2 hours after low tide for beginners and any tide for intermediate to advanced

Good for: Freeride, freestyle and wave riding

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Located at Orewa, on the east coast 30 minutes north of Auckland

This beach is well known to most kiteboarders. It gets really crowded on good days, especially on the south part of the beach, not to bad on the northern side.  It’s great for freestyle under 25 knots and good wave riding over 25knots.  If you want to see some good riders, this is the place to go!! and there’s plenty of space to set up your kite.

Rating: Intermediate to advanced

Wind direction: Anything from the East, better on a North East or East

Tide: Any tide but better on low tide.

Good for: Freestyle and Waves.

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Te Atatu Peninsula

Te Atatu Peninsula

Te Atatu Peninsula

May 272013

Located on the west side of Auckland, right in front of pt chev. There are two spots here, Beach rd, located right at the end of the peninsula and Harbour view rd, located on the midle of the peninsula facing the city.

In both places you have plenty of grass to set up your kite and a big area for kiting.

Rating: Begginer to advanced

Wind: East and north east (on Harbour view rd, south east would work to)

Tide: Mid to high tide

Good for: Learning, freeride and freestyle

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