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Point Chevalier
July 202013

Located at the bottom of Walker Rd in Point Chevalier Rd.

At the back of the Waitemata Harbour Point Chev is a great place for absolute beginners taking lessons to advanced riders looking for some flat water with good wind. Lots of grass at Eric Armishaw Reserve to setup your kite and lots of parking too. Good to go from anything from the west, at high tide most people ride inside the the sand spit, at low tide great riding to be had outside. Shallow a long way out. Make sure you bring some booties for this site as there is a lot of oysters laying about!

Rating: Begginer to advanced

Wind direction: Anything from the west

Tide: All tides work but better from mid to high tide.

Good for: Learning, freeride, freestyle

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Chalong Bay
May 282013

Chalong Bay can only be ridden from medium to high tide,the tsunami brought in a lot of small rocks,we have cleared a large area but there are still places which we haven’t been able to do yet,if you are riding from medium tide(level 2.3 metres) onwards then it’s no problem and you can just about kitesurf anywhere,there is only one place in front of friendship bungalows where over an area of 10 metres there is a small rock outcrop,this is easy to see and avoid.If the tide is lower then you can go to the nearby Rawai beach.

Rating: Beginner to advanced

Wind direction: Anything from the West

Tide: Mid tide and higher

Good For: Freestyle and freeride

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If you are into Wave and flat water riding, this place is great. 1 hour and 20 mins. South of Auckland city on the west coast, this place offers great wave riding and a big river mouth with super flat water.

Best tide for the river mouth would be high tide and low or high tide for wave riding.

Rating: Intermediate to advanced

Wind direction: South to North West, best on west south west if you want to do both.

Tide: Any

Good for: Wave riding and Freestyle.

Currently no Wind information

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Located on the west coast of Auckland, take´s about half an hour to get there from the city.

This Beach its well known for the big waves and strong steady winds!!! if you have a 4×4 you can park right on the beach.

Rating: intermidiate to advance

you need to be pretty confident with jumping and relounching the kite. You can set up your kite on the sand, next to the water.

Wind direction:
 Anithing from the west

Tide: all tides work but better from mid to low tide

Good for: freestyle and wave riding

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Located at the bottom of Garnet Rd. This place is awesome for freestyle but with one big problem, its full of Oysters!! My recommendation is to go there on low tide and have a good look around to get familiar with the place. The launching can be a bit hard to, as you have to go over a wall to get to the water, if you are not experienced, ¨do not go alone¨

Rating: Intermediate to advanced

Wind: West and north west

Tide: Mid to low tide

Good for: Freestyling

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Located on the north shore of Auckland when going over the harbour bridge towards the shore it’s on your right hand side. To get there you need to go down lansdowne St until you get to the park. It gets really crowded in front of the sand bar, so if you are not very advanced, go to the left. Be careful with going down wind, the mud is quite deep!!

Rating: Begginer to advanced

Wind: West and South West

Tide: Mid to High tide

Good for: Learning, freeride and freestyle

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Waikanae Beach
May 272013

Level All Levels
Wind Direction Works NE to SW, but is very gusty in a W (do not kite if wind is coming directly from island) .
Location Kapiti Coast
The word: Recommended number 1 spot for learning and good for all when its on

Best wind link:

Setting up and Launch

From Highway 1 turn left at the shops and follow the road to the beach. A road runs along the beach front and there are several car parks off to the side. This is a wide sandy beach at low tide but some sections are narrow (about 15m wide) at high tide. The best place to launch is the southwest end of the beach at the estuary. Almost guaranteed to meet other kiters if it is on.

On the Water

In a NW this is one of the first beaches that does not get badly affected by Kapiti Island. Picks up more swell than Paraparaumu and is onshore / cross-onshore for N, NW and W winds. The surf is normally messy but is a good place to start kiting in waves.

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